Club Committees

General committee


The Officers and


Johnny Dawson (5)


Martin Liddell (5)


John Adcroft (3)


Ben Davies (2)


Mervyn Hall (2)


Robert Jones (2)


Alastair Russell (2)


Luke Andrews (1)


Simon Davies (1)


Ian Gifford (1)


Anthony Hinton (1)


Matt Lingley (1)v (1 to5) denotes years served, max 5


House & Social sub committeev The Officers, Vice Commodore (Chair) and


Luke Andrews


Ben Davies


Sarah Gifford


Ali Moor


Mervyn Hall


Sara Hinton


Sailing sub committee


The Officers, Chairman Matt Lingley and


John Adcroft


Nick Barker


John Chalker


Jamie Wheatley


Representative from Junior Sailing


Resident Instructor (Sarah Davies)


David Trower (Honorary Handicapper


Finance sub committeev The Flag Officers and the Honorary Treasurer, Ian Robson (Chair)


Ben Davies


Johnny Dawson


Anthony Hinton


External works sub committee


The Officers and Martin Liddell (Chair)v Ian Gifford


Moorings sub committee


The Officers, Rufus Gilday (Chair) and


Andrew Hawes


Tom Stevens


Junior Sailing sub committee


The Officers, Robert Jones (Chair)


Emily Barker


Molly Bowman


Philip Lewellen


Bethan Matthew


Rob O’Malley


Arthur Ritchie


Marketing & Communications sub committee


The Officers, John Adcroft (reporting to general committee) for


Chrissie Evans


Alison Moor


‘K’ Newman