DescriptionTwo man keelboat
Class statusNational
Length5.79 m
Displacement680 kg
Sail area mainsail9.2 m²
Sail area jib5.8 m²
Sail area spinnaker13.5 m²
Aldeburgh handicap0.759
Number of boats in fleet18
Fleet captainPeter Wyllie
Class association websitewww.squibs.co.uk


Squibs at Aldeburgh
There has been a Squib Fleet at Aldeburgh since 1969, the year after it was designed. The Squib is fast and seaworthy, well suited to the conditions in the River Alde with its shallow draft and nimble handling.

The Club Handbook lists 18 Squibs of which about half race and half are used as family dayboats.

The Wednesday Evening Series when spinnakers are not used is becoming increasingly popular and this summer promises to provide an increased turnout.

The Aldeburgh Squibs compete for 9 cups for points series, round Havergate Island and specialty courses providing a varied and interesting calendar.

Visiting Squibs, crews and helms are always welcome with free launch and retrieval facilities and overnight moorings available. Please contact the Secretary, David Keates (01728 452562) email: Secretary@aldeburghyc.org.uk, or Class Captain Peter Wyllie for details.